10 Must Have Travel Accessories

travel accessories

Travel Accessories for Hassle-Free Trips

Do not forget to pack the following must-have Travel Accessories

Universal Travel Adapter

Universal travel adapter works in more than 150 countries including Europe, The US, Australia, UK, Japan, Hong Kong etc. You can plug it into any available power outlet and then connect your device to the adapter. It is an exceptionally helpful item for the individuals who travel a lot which is easy to carry and of good quality. 

Mini Dining Tray

This Multifunctional Tray can be used as a car restaurant table or a car drink holder while travelling. The contemporary design will enhance the interiors of the cars. It can hold cups, bottles or cans, and meal at the same time. It is a valuable travel item for the individuals who love munching while travelling.


Travel Shoe Pouch

This coloured shoe pouch looks marvellous. It's a handy item for frequent travellers, particularly when you need to carry more than two sets of shoes. The zips are entirely strong. The greatest compartment can fit high-ankled converse tennis shoes. Thus, it can likewise fit a couple of flip flops and loafers or slip-ins.

Travel Cosmetic Pouch

This travel cosmetic pouch is spacious, with a lot of space for nail paints, lipsticks, makeup, accessories, brush, and toothpaste as well. All useful things at one place in one pouch save a lot of space and efforts too.

Electronic Organizer

With this electronic organiser, keep all cables and accessories in a single place in an organised way. Do not carry charging adapters of big size. Otherwise, it is an essential item for one who carries tech accessories more often while travelling.

First Aid Kit

The mini First Aid kit is designed to hold essential first aid supplies while travelling or for home storage. The pouch is light, compact, and features well-sized compartments. The left side has one pocket which is transparent to identify the contents within easily. The right side has two mesh pockets for additional storage with an elastic holder which can store items like ointement tubes.

Bio-Degradable Hand Towel

This eco-friendly bio-degradable hand towel is compressed making it handy to use on trips. It is compact thus requires less space to carry. The size of the towel is big and smells good too. Face and arms are easy to wipe once uncompressed.

Pee Funnel For Women

Somebody who travels a lot, it is a lifesaver during road trips and overnight trips where access to clean bathrooms is rare. The packaging is handy and would advise practising once before use. Also, carry disposable covers as most of the public restrooms don't seem to have dustbin. Get it before your next trip if you have not yet used it. Among all travel accessories, women and girls will love this more.

Travel Pillow

Very useful and comfortable during long hours of travel in a seated condition. The foam option is better than beads as beads have a tendency to shift outwards. This pillow will allow you to have a soft and comfy resting place while also providing neck support.

3D Sleeping Mask

The 3D sleeping eye mask is soft. It doesn't make you sweat like other materials. Get the sound sleep with this mask while travelling.

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