Dhanaulti – A Short Escape in the Mountains

Camping in Dhanaulti

Weekend Getaway - Camping in Dhanaulti

A much-needed break from my mundane routine happened to be in Dhanaulti. This place with beautiful landscape is approximately 32 km from a well-known and most visited hill station Mussoorie. It is almost a 1.5 Hour drive from Mussoorie. I happened to go there with my ex-colleague, far away from the city's busy life, to switch off ourselves for a while.

For a very long time, we two were planning for a short trip like this. For the very first time, we planned our trip with Travel Triangle. So, technically this was our first trip in a group with unknown people. Despite that, we all played games (Antakshari and Dumb Charades) during our journey and it was a real fun.

Dhanaulti is a very quiet, beautiful and a lush green place. It was a 1N/2D trip and my stay was in a camp - Camp-O-Royale. We started our journey on Friday night at 11:00 PM and reached to our destination next morning at 9:00 AM. Over there, after breakfast we did adventure activities like Monkey Walk, Rope Sliding, and Rope Walk.


Even during the peak summer time in Delhi, the weather was chilling especially at night. In the evening, like all camps we had bonfire, snacks (Garam Garam Pakoras & French Fries), and music.


On Sunday morning, we head towards Tehri Dam which is 48 km from Dhanaulti. Various water activities are conducted over there like Boating, Surf Ride, Banana Ride, Floater Ride, and Jet Ski. I never did floater ride in the past so me and my friend opt for floater ride. This was the last part of the trip after which we head back for Delhi and reached at 12:00 AM.


On our way back to home the idea of getting back to our normal life was saddening but we utilized our precious weekend to the fullest by exploring such a beautiful place. I wish, whosoever is reading and is working, an escape like this.

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    Ohh my god, awesome write up., it reminds me of my journey to that place.. and that place is beautiful.. I loved the way you enjoyed ur moments.

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