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Once upon a time, there were two very good friends, Who matched on tinder, thinking there’ll be no dead-ends, His heart was broken and wanted to see if she mends, She was gregarious and was looking for utopian weekends. Long chats on WhatsApp transformed to prolonged late night calls, She loved chilly mountains & he […]

Depression – Fight It


  When Depression Hits You   A melancholy hovered over me, With an air of despondency which nobody could see.   May be I was suffering from depression, A state that raised a big question.   Was it my incompetence that led to dejection?, I asked myself. With every try, I was making to avoid […]

The Hope


Never Lose Hope They kept her bound…They kept her down… They kept her mum!…They kept her frown… They made her wear purdah! She wants to wear gown…. Midst the pinks, blues, and purples. They give her color brown… A little bird she was… Wants to fly high… They kept her in cage.. Made her pale […]