Depression – Fight It


When Depression Hits You
A melancholy hovered over me,
With an air of despondency which nobody could see.
May be I was suffering from depression,
A state that raised a big question.
Was it my incompetence that led to dejection?,
I asked myself.
With every try, I was making to avoid rejection,
Showing my true self.
I decided to self-introspect in the new light,
As I refused to accept my current plight.
It was hard to stay " STRONG ",
Fearing I do nothing " WRONG ".
When ending life seems to be the only solution.
I chose to overcome depression and found a resolution.
My life is precious and so is yours,
Don't let depression snatch these irreplaceable hours.
Don't Kill Yourself, Kill Your Suicidal Thought!
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Devangna Garg

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  1. Samrat Mohan Gopal says: Reply

    You nailed it Devangna Garg.. awesome poem.. loved it…

  2. Jatin Agarwal says: Reply


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