The Imposter


A year after my gut-wrenching breakup,
I was at peace with myself, an introvert to mix up.
I decided to remain in my shell and maintain abstinence,
Deo favente, She intervened to make me feel her presence.

Tale goes back to the time of my first job,
Consilio et animis, I maintained my decorum like a snob.Β 
Where breaking an ice with me was like cutting a Gordian knot,
As subduing my serotonin is a Herculean task, I thought.

She seemed a bad girl who expressed herself freely coram populo without any ado,
Yet I sensed a storm in my amygdala that urged me to run in false bravado,
The truth in her eyes and guts in her buts impressed my soul like I've caught a tartar,
Because only I knew what I'd gone through when I lived a life of martyr.

She was living in a fool's paradise, as a burnt child always dreads fire they say,
Still, whenever she entered the office with a smile on her face, vis-a-vis to this took
place astray.

Which is why the question of love didn't touch a nerve, even if the fortune was knocking at my door,
The touch of her hand said she'll catch me if I fall, which triggered my renin further more.

She was sapiosexual, my intellect aroused her, like no other guy she'd met before is on the same pedestal as I,
Casual talks per se transformed to talking all day and night, then to unusual giggling over chai.
And I found her gregarious, considerate and of compos mentis, with whom I enjoyed and laughed like no other person on the planet did,
Strangers soon turned into best friends, her sweet talks seemed like an aphrodisiac swooning that stubborn kid.

Finally, the day arrived, when she sat on her knees with a rose in her hand and said,Β "Samrat, I love you" and I've turned schizophrenic,
Everyone was looking at me, anticipating my response, which deteriorated my condition and I started to panic.
Amidst that awkward silence, a part of me wanted to run away but inside me, there was an emotional roller coaster,
Somehow, I summoned all my courage and said, "I do not want to be an eccedentesiast anymore, I too love you, I am done being an Imposter".

I took, one look at her and I knew she was the perfect kind of trouble,Β A good girl who knew exactly when to be bad.

Always remember, it's better to end something and start another than to imprison yourself in hoping for the impossible.

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πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™‚οΈA poet to some and regular modern day shakespeare to others, Who love πŸ’• to jot down the string of thoughts that stimulates or smothers.😎

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9 Replies to “The Imposter”

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    Its really very deep.

  2. 2+

    Beautiful poem !! I can capture it in my mind…The flow,the description,your choice of words are all so wonderful…keep up the outstanding work πŸ™‚

  3. 1+

    Ooooooo… js loved it….. loved The way u expressed ur emotions……

  4. 4+

    Reality of some one

  5. 1+

    superstupendously written…hats off to d young poet…keep up the praiseworthy wrk…really admirable

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    Wow..!! So beautifully explainedd…!!
    Totally impressed by the words.. πŸ‘πŸ’―
    Awesome werk..!! Keep it up 😍😍

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    Nyc…the story tells everything….that when a person can suffer to a love life…what will be happen…with him actually…well explained….well done…keep it up…

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    #Stupendoufantabuloslyfantastic πŸ˜πŸ€—nice work sam 🌼

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    The blend of emotions with the art of writing something so beautiful left a smile on my lips… and the note at the end which has such depth in it actually makes you think about everything you have been doing… thanks for the beautiful poem πŸ™‚

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