You are jealous of me and I am jealous of you
You find competition in me, I find perfection in you
You said you will be two steps ahead always
I try to stay behind you

You need constant attention and I want satisfied you
You always crave the best
Am happy with imperfect you

Maybe it's your aura...that kept me falling again and again
I think with the heart, perhaps you chose the brain
Still, you are jealous of me like I am jealous of you
You are the queen of your palace with all silver and golds
I am the beggar in your world, who begs your hugs and hold

You bring someone else, You made me shallow
I thought he was one of your fellows
Jealous I was then, Jealous I am still
With all the power I had...want to make a kill

Feelings have changed like some thrill
Left me only with a broken will
You are ahead now as you told
You have made the decisions beautifully bold
I had nothing except you
As the time flies


By Samrat Mohan Gopal

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🙋🏻‍♂️A poet to some and regular modern day shakespeare to others, Who love 💕 to jot down the string of thoughts that stimulates or smothers.😎

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3 Replies to “JEALOUSY”

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    Awesome work man. Keep it up..!
    My expectations have grown high now !!

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    Touched !

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    Heads off and thumbs up👍👍👍

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