Make Time For Yourself This Month

make time for yourself
The post is about how to make time for yourself like by spending time with nature and with oneself.

I need that time to be myself so that I can restore all the lost energy in me. Therefore, I put myself first on the priority list this month.

Spring season is the most colourful season of all. It breathes life into nature back with lovely blooms, green trees, colourful butterflies, and chirping birds. Collectively these things made each corner of my surroundings full of life. Such an environment acts as a natural stress buster.

 I was walking through this garden, lost in thoughts, and saw something that was eye soothing which was a view with white bougainvillaea spread over the grass.


Make time for yourself

After a while, a soft breeze having an aroma of fresh flowers passed by me reviving my mood. I enjoyed this freshness and beauty while I sat on the lush green grass under a tree when the light breeze lead tender flowers fall making an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city.

Moreover, we often travel far away places to take a break from our daily routine. But that break can be found in places near to us as well. It can be a small garden or a long stretch of road with trees on both sides or a playground. Just like I found that place of mine around white bougainvillaea in a garden. Whatever a little amount of time I spent here made me feel relaxed and filled with positivity.

However, I am dressed casually this time. I wore a baby pink bell sleeves top and denim jeans and paired it with pastel pink loafers. They are cool, comfy, and yet stylish.

By Priyanka Singhal

(Fashion Blogger)

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