Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba

My First Trek Ever

'Nag Tibba' means 'Serpents Peak' - It is the highest peak in the lesser Himalayan region. The three main ranges are Dhauladhar, the Pir Panjal and the Nag Tibba itself. Though this trek is actually a snow trek, going for this trek in the monsoon is not that bad idea at all. This is one of the easiest trek in India compared to others and the first choice for beginners. This trek is less popular but is worth exploring, especially if trekking is your passion. The view along the trail is mind blowing. Nag Tibba trek is famous for its view of the entire Bandarpoonch range along with Mussoorie.

I happened to go on this trek in the month end, July i.e. during monsoon. As I said it is one of the easiest treks to start with but the monsoon made it difficult one. To start with, the trek starts from Pantwari village which is 56km from the hill station Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. On this three day trip, Mussoorie was also covered on the day first. In Mussoorie, Cafe Ivy - Its Coffee and Landour Bakery - Its Pastries and Cookies are must to have.

Nag Tibba

The Trek Begins

On the second day, I along with my friends started the trek from Pantwari Village. It was an 8 km trek to camp site i.e. a 4-hour trek. Ours was a personalized trek, a group of 7  people, however, we started trekking in afternoon around 3:00 PM. Since it was a rainy day the easiest trek of all turned in to a difficult one. The trail included rocky path, sandy path, slippery path, and muddy path - thanks to heavy rains.

Despite that, the trek was fun in midst of nature, surrounded by lush green oaks and rhododendrons trees. The view experienced along the trail was incredible and few species of wild mushrooms were also witnessed. Since it was a personalized trek, not a group trek, in general, the camp was secluded from the rest. I reached around 7:30 PM to the camp site and it was dark by the time I reached up there. Then we ate the freshly cooked dinner over there around a bonfire while it was still raining heavily and went to our respective sleeping bags after a tiring trek.

Nag Tibba
Nag Tibba

Nag Tibba Temple

Next morning I and my friends reached the top point witnessing a beautiful view from Nag Tibba. There is also a Nag Tibba Temple (Naga Devta) and it's serene & beautiful. A small pond is also there just in front of the temple, a sacred pond. Behind this temple, there is a story which I would like to share. It is believed that initially the temple was made up of wood by the saint (Tapasawai) who first found out this place. Later, the locals demolished that wooden structure and built it with brick and mortar. When this happened, that region was left rain deprived and seeing it as a curse they rebuilt the wooden temple inside it again to break the curse, and magically it worked.

Nag Tibba Temple

After exploring the area nearby we trek back to Pantwari village and reached in afternoon at 2:00 PM, a 3-hour trek. The trek back to the village was a slippery experience filled with sliding and rolling. On an average, everyone in the group including me slipped at least thrice, that's for sure. If you are new or beginner and thinking of going on your first trek like me then this trek should be on your list.

In the end...

" Create your own Trail of Memories with your Trekking Shoes "

- By Devangna Garg

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