R.I.P – Return If Possible


Return If Possible

I heard you told your friends that I’m not your type,
If that’s really true! Why did you call last night? 
I thought You’ll come back & to be together we’ll try,
I know it was I who gave you the bells and let you fly.
Because We never saw eye to eye,
Just eye for eye and a lie for lie.
But then it wasn't after we knew
That we were done and actually through,
But if there was even one fraction of the truth.
We could have spun back and tried to improve, 
As it’s such a dumbass excuse,
To leave at a point when we’ve given our families the news.

You mean a lot to me that I forgot,
We laughed a little, cried a lot,
And we decided on giving it one more try despite it all.
When we tied the knot,
When we broke the knot,
Every line we crossed,
We were supposed to not.
Every time we fought,
Words that we said that we didn't mean.
The words that we meant that we didn't say.
The ones that we thought that we should've said.
Letters written that we could've read,
Which maybe would've lead to some good instead.

You wanted me to treat you the best when you were experiencing your M.C.,
But sometimes I was frustrated as well, did u love that version of me? 
I used to put holes in the walls with both of my fists till they bleed,
Now you might get a glimpse of how I coped with that anger in me.

We brought out the worst in each other,
Thus someone had to make the sparring end,
Because I loved you but I hated that me,
And I don't wanna see that side again.
I wanted to be your lover not just friend, 
& More than you could ever comprehend,
That leaving you was harder than.
It was like sawing off a body limb.

Once upon a time where all we had,
Maybe that's what drew us to each other,
It was true love that we never knew was possible.
We might have loved each other too much,
And maybe that's what made us do what we did to each other - All the screw-ups.
Because you always thought that you were more in love with me,
And I was thinking I was more in love than you were.

For all the times that we thought it worked,
Till we saw how wrong we were,
When the dust settles remains all the dirt,
And if I touch the rawest nerve,
All I want for us is not to get hurt.
And it's been an exhaustive search to find the words,
and thoughts, the purpose is not to stir up open wounds,
Yet I know I've caused a few, and so have you.
Or argue who's fault it was?
Partly yours, partly mine!
But really no one’s, this is so tough!
We broke up, got back together,
We both thought we had forever,
Not bad people, just bad together,
We were so nuts, backstabbed each other.

You said that I killed two hearts for I never loved you before,
As a matter of fact, did you see the blood on the floor? 
I killed them many times, forgot to count the numerals,
I beg your leave now as it’s time to attend their funerals.

By Samrat Mohan Gopal

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🙋🏻‍♂️A poet to some and regular modern day shakespeare to others, Who love 💕 to jot down the string of thoughts that stimulates or smothers.😎

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21 Replies to “R.I.P – Return If Possible”

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    Touching!! Bt yes sometime its hard…

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    Wow, this is how we part from a relationship, and this is how partners blame each other for loving too less or loving too more. Prefectly expressed the pain of saying goodbye or killing a bond.

  3. 1+

    Impressive title..
    Commendable work!!

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    Amazingly described how a relationship dies. Sometimes no matter how much two people try it doesnt work. Just love the way u have described the pain it causes.

  5. 1+

    Wow !!

  6. 1+

    Just Wow !!

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    Amazing 💜💜
    Its ego that kills a rltnship, that 4 granted things that kills a rltnship..

  8. 1+

    Realistic ending of a relationship these days

  9. 1+

    Today’s Facebook generation won’t understand what true love is. Love is all about giving

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    Ravishing work 😊😊

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    Hats off to the way of describing. Amazingly portrayed the situation. Loved the ending. Concent of RIP was good one.

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    Well versed..Heart melting..!!
    Pain is inevitable.. Suffering is Optional..!!!
    Let it go.. Thats life..!😉✌🏻

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    Nice..I can see ur feelings in it… Such nyc lines written by heart… RIP

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    Waaaoooo.. this is called feelings ❤️❤️
    Amazing as always

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    Beautifully described the emotions of a broken heart and soul.

    On technical grounds it’s a little different from your other writings, as alot of focus is on word selection and emotions than mechanics (in your other writings focus on rhyme scheme is evident. But in this one it’s not).

    Seems introspection has taken on deeper levels .

    Keep up the good work and Stay blessed always

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    Eye-opener. Incredible👍

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    A beautifully written piece of art with a captivating title and a well-woven beginning. Admirable!

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    Awesome one boss! Just love the way you express it. Highly impressed by the way you play with words.
    I have a request to make. Please write a poem with happy writing. I want to see how you feel the happiness as you are incredible in describing pain. And everyone relates to it. Looking at these comments say it all.

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    Nice work bro. Loved it

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