Shimla – The Queen of Hills

Shimla India

Shimla India

I visited Shimla for a getaway in April 2017 along with my cousins. I stayed in a hotel near mall road in Hotel La Talbot, which is a minute walk from a lift (Lift to mall road). Some other luxury stays like Hotel Willow bank, Hotel Clarke's, Hotel Marina, and Hotel Combermere are all in the proximity of lift. My stay in Shimla was of 3 Days & 2 Nights, which is more than sufficient.

On the first day, I explored the mall road (the main market of Shimla). Some of the items that are worth buying are handmade embroidered dupattas, cotton suits, and Himachali topis (Hat). There are two awesome cafes and bars in Shimla - Cafe Shimla Times and Eighteen71 cookhouse & bar. The place, ambience, food, weather and everything falls into place for a perfect party night on a hill station. Both the places have live music too.

Talking about the weather, you can never trust the weather of Hilly areas like that of Shimla. There was supposed to be no rain during my stay, however, it happened next day morning. In the evening, the weather was freezing with too much thunder. Thank god I was carrying one jacket with me.

On the second day, I started the day by visiting the famous Christ Church near the ridge. After that, I visited Rani Jhansi Park and the Scandal Point. The scandal that happened at the scandal point is that the king of Patiala abducted the daughter of the viceroy from that point.

Apart from mall road market, there is Lakkar Bazaar also just above the ridge from where you can buy gifting items made of wood. In fact, except Lakkar Bazaar and mall road market, there is Middle Bazaar and Lower Bazaar which is connected by a Rivoli Tunnel.

Shimla India 

shimla india

Near the mall road lift, do not forget to visit Johnnie's Wax Museum with wax statues of Salman Khan, Michael Jackson, Paul Walker and much more. They are also coming up with new statues of Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachan, and Priyanka Chopra to name a few.

On the last day, I visited Chadwick Falls, Summer Hill which is 6 km to 7 km from Shimla. Not many people go there as the way to Chadwick waterfall goes through the forest.

The way towards Chadwick is a thrill in itself, walking in amidst of nature. I happened to go there around 11:30 AM and found that not many people go there.

Click Here to watch a video showing the way towards Chadwick falls. Once I reached it was great to see the waterfall. The only thing that was disappointing that this place was not at all maintained else it will turn out to be great picnic spot.

 Shimla India

shimla india

Apart from Chadwick falls there is also an art gallery in 100 meters of distance. The gallery feature paintings of Him Chatterjee and other famous artists like Rabindranath Tagore. One must explore this less known place if you happen to visit Shimla.

I hope you like my version of Shimla  🙂

Shimla India

shimla india
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